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In a house the attic is always out of sight, but has its own importance when it comes to energy efficiency, indoor air quality and roof integrity. We have attic services for all types of attic at your home and our services are built to keep the attics in good condition and save money by preventing much more expensive repairs down the line. We believe in providing convenient, one-call solution where you can make a simple call and schedule an appointment and we will be at your doorstep to delivers a safe, worry-free attic maintenance job that will be completed by a trained professional. Fix99’s attic services is built for checking the insulation level and quality, make recommendations and install all kinds of insulation to keep attic in good shape, no matter if the weather turns hot or cold. We don’t want your air conditioner and heater to work overtime if they do not have to eventually resulting in huge electricity bills. The attics are very prone to mold infestation, so we have services for preventing and maintaining any growth of mold in the cracks and holes. We inspect the attic and look for any signs of leaking on the ceilings or water damage on the walls and suggest you the best repair work.

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